Learn How to Treat your IT Band Pain

If you have pain on the outside of your knee with running, if you have dealt with recurring IT Band pain, or if you want to learn how to prevent IT Band pain from stopping your running, this course is for you.

Learn self treatment strategies to take care of your pain. You have access to video instructions, return to running programs, education on what causes IT Band pain and the whole course is set up in order of the stages of your healing process. All of the content is evidence-based on the most current research and is presented in a clear and precise way.


The curriculum includes more than 20 videos which include methods to assess and self diagnose IT Band pain, treatment strategies including strength and gait retraining and running modifications throughout your healing process stages all specific to IT Band syndrome in runners.

  • Simple, research-proven methods
  • Cutting-edge strategies
  • Self-treatment techniques, no need for an office visit
  • Step-by-step video program
  • Get back to pain-free running ASAP!

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